Sometimes Life Wants You To Change – My Year In Review

Hello and welcome to this years final blog post!

Well, it’s been a few months ago since my last post and I’ve missed some promised topics. I’m sorry for that, but there was a lot of change in my life this year. And so I want to give you a personal review of my 2012.

Sometimes life wants you to change in a dramatically way. Well, I’m fine – don’t have any kind of disease, luckily. But also “trivial” happenings can touch your mind and cause a change in thinking and acting.

Anyways, my change in life started in January when my girlfriend decided to break up our 11 year relationship. My whole world collapsed that final day in January and I lost the most lovely person in my life that always gave me the power and encouragement to go on through hard times and to realize my ideas and create new visions during all those years of our relationship – from school to apprenticeship to university education and the vision of getting a great job to feed a family. She was always my motivation and inspiration. Nevertheless we failed on our sorrows during the last year which was the most hardest time we went through …

Breaking fresh ground

After I’d lost the love of my life, I still wanted to realize the visions I had all those years, but couldn’t realize for lack of time because of my university education, yet.

Anyways the year began in a good manner. I got a photo assignment of a company that develops and produces technical wallpapers. They hired me to create new product photos and this was a great assignment. Also one of my motocross photos was published in a physics schoolbook of a notable German publisher. That really drove me in terms of commercial photography this year.

In February, Tina, a fellow student, invited me to shoot one of the games of her volleyball team. There I met Fiona and some other nice people which helped me to forget about the trouble of the past month. During spring I had a good time with all those people – no matter if we had barbecue in the garden or had board game parties, visited music events, went snowboarding or just hanging around and talk. I met interesting people and discovered new places and it was worth it.

Due to the snowboarding with Fiona I rediscovered skateboarding for myself. I just wanted to stay fit for snowboarding during the summer so I started to skate again at the age of 29. Well, the most people at home think that this is a silly idea, but it really helped me to get through that hard time of realizing that my girlfriend left me. I found some new kind of sense of life in skateboarding. It’s like music – it helps you to recharge and to strengthen your character and mind for upcoming tasks. And so skateboarding took a big part of my free time this year. And yeah, it brought me new friends, too. Meanwhile I’m loving to cruise through the streets, watching for new spots and coming home totally exhausted, noticing: “Yes, you are still alive!”

Me skateboarding again after canceling it 11 years ago

There was a point where I couldn’t life in our flat anymore because it reminded me of my broken relationship, so I decided to move away just for a few months. I moved to Giessen, the city where I studied and shared an apartment with five other people. I never shared a flat before with so many people so it was some kind of an adventure for me. Here I met Jan, an ambitious amateur photographer. We learned a lot from each other in terms of photography and talked nearly everyday many hours about photography and projects.

I also met another talented professional photographer this year – Kae Hall. She’s a wedding and portrait photographer from Alsfeld. For me she is the best wedding photographer in this area because she has an awesome clean, timeless and modern, bright style. She invited me to take part as a second photographer in a wedding reportage in June. This was the preparing for my first own wedding reportage of my friends Jessica and Timo. Maybe you’ve read last years November posting about my first Engagement Shoot with them. After that they asked me to make a photo reportage of their wedding near Hamburg in July. I accepted and was allowed to document a lovely and cheerful event. Thanks Timo and Jessica!

The Wedding of Timo and Jessica

While living in the shared flat in Giessen Tina told me that she and Fiona wanted to travel to New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. I thought that this would be a great idea to clear my mind from the separation. So I decided to come with them and booked a flight, too. But than I  was dubious about it and if I should spend so much money for this five month trip because my dream was always to travel the USA. I just was a bit anxious about traveling on my own, but accidentally I found an old acquaintance on the internet again – Doreen. I read Doreen’s blog and well, she was traveling on her own through South America. She gave me a lot of needful tips and finally I decided to cancel the New Zealand Trip with Tina and Fiona and booked my flight to the USA in late August to travel along the West Coast from Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CA to Tijuana, MX.
I made thousands of images and they keep alive billions of impressions that I got during the journey. Here are just a very, very few ones:

The Dodge and me on our tour along the US west-coast

Seattle skyline

At Mt. Rainier, WA

Baywatch 😉

Spaceshuttle Endeavour – its last flight, Los Angeles, CA

I don’t know what to say – just WOW! That was the best travel I made so far! I rent a Dodge truck and drove along the coast through all the great cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, made a short side trip to Lake Tahoe and went on to Los Angeles – I visited a Rodeo in Tacoma and Kurt Cobain’s House at Lake Washington, his memorial park in Aberdeen, Mount Rainier etc. etc. I visited lots of skate parks like the ones in Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Carlsbad and skate spots in San Francisco (thanks to Aaron Kyro), I met a lot of friendly and helpful people. When I stuck in the sand with my truck at Kaweah Beach ten men pulled my car out like it would be self-evident. I really love that country and will come back soon! 🙂
(BTW: If you want to know what camera gear I took with me: Nikon D3, Nikkor 70-200/2.8, Kenko 2x TC, Sigma 24-70/2.8, Tokina 11-16/2.8, SB-800 Speedlights, SU-800 Commander, SuperClamps, ND-Grad-Filters, Gels and a Toshiba Netbook. Everything fit perfectly into my Lowepro CompuTrekker AW. )

Well, beside all that there was also some sports and music band portraiture this year with the volleyball team of my friend Jessica and the band At Eaze.
Those projects were a lot of fun and I am glad they asked me to do the shootings. I did it with all my passion for photography. Thanks!

At Eaze 2012

Ladies’ Volleyball Team  Giessen 2012

After my USA trip I moved to Munich in November – leaving behind my old live on the countryside and finally forgetting about my broken 11 year relationship.
And here I am, living in Munich, Bavaria and starting a new stage of life – on my own, initially.

Home Sweet Home – leaving the countryside …

… moving to Munich, Bavaria

I’m looking forward to new photography projects here in Munich. There’s a lot to experience and many ways to express myself here in terms of photography.

This year showed me that there’s no time to mourn after somebody and believe that live is less livable. There are always people and ways that can help you to find new inspiration and happiness. Just do it! 😉

Well, that was my year in review. How was yours? Maybe you want to post a link to your blog or leave a comment!

Anyways, I wish all of you a great passing of 2012 and that all your good dreams and wishes will come true.

See you next year when I’ll present you my photography agenda of 2013.